Jo Guz


Jo is an experienced leadership coach who helps people bring their most powerful leadership to the pressures they face and the future they’re looking to create.  One of the best reviews she’s had for her work is that she’s a magical facilitator of change. 

Jo facilitates the sort of leadership conversations with individuals, teams and groups that support people to show up in their world more fully with a more positive impact.  She creates spaces for the lights to come on and show a clearer, more enlivening way forward.  This comes from supporting people to connect, resource themselves more clearly and get in touch with themselves and their inner leadership more deeply.

Through this work, Jo help leaders create a more alive culture of collaboration and creativity around them where people can get stuff done together with more ease – getting more of the results that matter to them with less of the stress & conflict.  One where people can be easier, kinder and more robust with each other all at the same time.