Jo Guz

Picture by 07977516933 Seafish staff Jo Guz

Jo Guz is an experienced leadership consultant who helps leaders bring their most powerful leadership to the changes they want to bring about so those changes for good really do get brought about and made real, usually with the leader accomplishing more than they at first dared to dream possible.
The best review I’ve had for my work is that I’m a magical facilitator of change. I facilitate the sort of leadership conversations that create the space for the lights to come on – a space where leaders can grow in to their best selves, connect more authentically with those around them, and begin to show up more intentionally to deliver on their vision for change more effortlessly, with greater impact and with less stress.
Whether working with individuals or with groups, I like to keep my coaching conversations real. I will encourage you generously and be in your corner. I will bring straight talking if it’s in the interest of helping you be bolder and braver and happier in your world. It’s a joy to have a job where I get to help people use themselves more powerfully and in a way that feels like the real them, resolutely at their best.

My personal life provides me with yet more opportunity to be inspired. I’m an adoptive mum to a wee primary school aged girl who keeps me on my toes, keeps me laughing and learning, and keeps me active and outdoors where we live in the hilly countryside south of Edinburgh, the place I now call home. And in the rare moments I’m not with her or my husband, I’ll be off out either with my tap shoes, my yoga mat or my running shoes (or, more honestly, my slow jogging shoes).