About FED

About Future Engage Deliver

It dawned on us a few years ago that too much of the leadership industry was making leadership seem complicated and the preserve of only a chosen few. We decided that what was needed was a simple, practical approach to growing as a leader that anyone – regardless of position or title – could use to instantly help them make that bigger difference. And so Future – Engage – Deliver was born and since then it has been shared with over half a million people.

The FED Approach

FED is not a theoretical model full of complex ideas. Rather, it is an approach built around a few, purposely ‘plain and simple’ leadership ideas and practical advice on how best to apply them to your personal, team or organisational ambitions. The focus of the FED approach is always each person’s leadership ambitions, who they are as a leader now, who they want to be and what’s involved in getting there. It provides a simple, common language that can help grow leaders at all levels, bind teams and help whole organisations work together more effectively. 

FED in action

Currently, FED is driving staff engagement, culture change, transformation and performance improvement programmes and it’s helping organisations grow resilience, teamwork, innovation, collaboration and more. In these team and organisation-wide programmes, FED helps clarify how each individual and team can make the biggest contribution to the organisation’s ambitions for the future.

FED in a nutshell

 In essence, leading always starts in the Future with ideas and thoughts about how you’d like things to be. Second you have to engage people so that they want to build that Future with you. And then you draw the best from yourself and others to make things happen, that is, deliver. It’s as simple as that, Future – Engage – Deliver and all of us can flex these leadership muscles to make an even bigger difference.

FED in Practice

Our work always starts with a meeting with you for us to understand your leadership challenges and ambitions which then tees us up nicely to co-design with you how we can bring FED in a way that adds greatest value. The team tailor FED to support clients in individual coaching, team development and via organisation-wide leadership development, employee engagement or culture-change programmes. We can use a blend of live and online approaches.