The no-nonsense approach "shaking up the world of leadership"

-- The Times Newspaper --

For over twenty years, the team at Steve Radcliffe Associates has been helping people grow as leaders so they are more alive and making a bigger difference at work and at home. We’ve had major successes on all continents and at all levels of business, government, charities, education, health, the arts and more.

We bring a proven approach that captures the very best of what we’ve seen work in the world of leadership development. We call our approach Future – Engage – Deliver or FED. You can use it to grow individuals, teams and indeed everyone in your organisation.  The Times newspaper describes it as ‘the no-nonsense approach shaking up the world of leadership.’ 

FED is not a theoretical model full of complex ideas. Instead, it is an approach built around a few, purposely ‘plain and simple’ leadership ideas and practical advice on how best to apply them to your personal, team or organisational ambitions. The focus of the FED approach is always each person’s leadership challenges, who they are as a leader now, who they want to be and what’s involved in getting there. It offers a common language that can grow leaders at all levels, bind teams and help whole organisations work together more effectively. 

FED Leadership Coaching

Accelerate your personal growth

Alongside our breakthrough leadership work with organisations and teams we also provide FED leadership coaching to those leaders who want to accelerate their personal growth and impact.

Leadership Plain & Simple​

The essence of FED is captured in Leadership Plain and Simple, the UK’s number one leadership book. It’s brought alive even more in FED Online, our brand new interactive version of FED in 16 parts each with a video, the relevant section of the book, exercises, quotes and more. And live consulting with individuals and groups makes sure we tailor-make our input exactly to your ambitions and challenges.

FED has appeared on the BBC News, in The Times and Financial Times and has even had a mention in the House of Commons. 

Currently, FED is driving staff engagement, culture change, transformation and performance improvement programmes. In these team and organisation-wide programmes, learning includes how each individual and team can make the biggest contribution to the organisation’s ambitions for the future.  

If you’d like to talk more, please contact us at enquiries@steveradcliffe.com

FED Online

It’s an interactive version of FED in sixteen parts, each one covering a key FED leadership idea with videos, the relevant section of the book in written and audio forms, related articles, quotes, a place for a learning journal, a way to start or contribute to discussion forums and more.
This could be the ideal tool to help those working from home to come together in groups to continue their learning and growing in these challenging times.

What People Say About FED

Lord Gus O’Donnell

Lord Gus O’Donnell became a major fan of FED during the years we coached him when he was Head of the Civil Service. We were delighted when he talked about FED in his evidence to a House of Commons enquiry into the future of the Civil Service.


Richard Baker 

We are really proud of our work over many years with Boots.
It’s one of our first examples of FED having an impact across a large organisation and in its performance. 


Dame Fiona Reynolds

Dame Fiona Reynolds brought FED into The National Trust
when she was its head.
The Trust is using FED to help develop a common language for leadership among  thousands of staff and volunteers.


Steve was invited by BBC News


..to comment on Churchill as a leader.