FED Online

FED Online

More of our clients are realising that success requires not just effective leadership from the top but also leaders at all levels. The result is that many of them have been saying to us; “FED consultants have been doing great work with our senior people. How do we support them further? And how do we also grow leaders at every level and so have a common language for leadership across the whole organisation?”

We now have a new answer and it’s FED Online. It’s an interactive version in sixteen parts, each one covering a key FED leadership idea with videos, the relevant section of Leadership Plain and Simple in written and audio forms, related articles, quotes, a place for a learning journal, a way to start or contribute to discussion forums and more. 

While each user will be able to log on individually from any device, our strong recommendation is that the materials are explored in groups rather than alone. We say this because we have seen so often great learning coming from conversations between colleagues. Here’s a link to the video in the Introduction part. It will give you a feel for Online and an opportunity to see if the messages about leadership are ones you’d like your people hearing and exploring.

If you’d like a closer look at Online and how it works, here is a link to a video with Rachael who built the site giving a quick tour of it.

One year licences for Fed Online cost:

£80 + VAT for two users
£200 + VAT for ten users in the business sector.
£120 + VAT for ten users in education, health, front line services and charities.