Fiona Moore

Fiona is an experienced leadership coach and facilitator. She partners with individuals and teams to focus on their leadership development and growth. Coaching is a lovely space where she walks alongside the client to support their own exploration of challenges, issues and opportunities. With so much happening in our worlds at the moment this space to focus on the issues is crucial to our ongoing leadership wellbeing, success and satisfaction.

Fiona has a natural style – using support, challenge and observations to focus directly on the individual or team. Her goal is to enable the client or the team to be at their best and she creates a space for this to be explored. Her approach is person and situation specific and sessions are completely driven by individual needs. The outcomes may be connected to the client’s style, approach, confidence, relationships, results or clarity.

She has trained formally as a coach through several different organisations, using different approaches and models as she prefers to have many tools that can be used with clients who bring diverse challenges and thinking styles to the conversation. She continues to develop her coaching practice and is just about to gain her PCC credential (Professional Certified Coach) with the ICF (International Coaching Federation).

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