About Steve Core

Steve Core is a Leadership Coach with 10 years experience inspiring and working with leaders and their teams across Europe and USA.

In my first career in marketing, I worked for Unilever and other big companies for 20 years, so I do know how challenging it can be working in large organisations. I am passionate about enabling individuals, teams and companies to create better futures, to fully engage with those futures and achieve real breakthroughs in performance.It is very fulfilling for individuals and their teams, to let go of old patterns of thinking, to play to their strengths with energy and excitement and to grow as leaders.
I enjoy working with diverse people, teams and cultures. I am English but I have lived half my adult life in the Netherlands with my Dutch wife and our two wonderful teenage children. I also get energy from playing tennis and watching football.

Steve can be contacted on email: steve@corebusiness.nl

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