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What the heck is a leadership manifesto?

In our new and inspirational post series, here is a great post from Martin Carter a regular contributor of posts to the FED site. In this post Martin writes about what leadership means to him, his own ‘Leadership Manifesto’; we’d love to hear from you with what leadership means to you, your own Leadership Manifesto. […]

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Finding the missing spark!

I was speaking to a newly appointed manager, Jim, last week. He has a team of 16 people and he had begun to have those first conversations with them about objectives, performance and so on. There was little spark in these initial meetings and no sense that people were preparing differently with Jim than with […]

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Are you seeing the world through soft eyes?

In last week’s post I talked about the experience of working alongside blind adventurer Miles Hilton-Barber and being inspired by his message about connecting with our dreams and goals rather than being held back by our circumstances. Perhaps surprisingly it was not Miles’s insights or indeed his incredible adventures that made the most impression on […]

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