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What the heck is a leadership manifesto?

In our new and inspirational post series, here is a great post from Martin Carter a regular contributor of posts to the FED site. In this post Martin writes about what leadership means to him, his own ‘Leadership Manifesto’; we’d love to hear from you with what leadership means to you, your own Leadership Manifesto. […]

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Are you Choosing Jaw-Jaw Over War-War?

I recently read an interview with Michael Palin – he of Monty Python and intrepid global journeys, and, apparently, “Britain’s Nicest Man” (not that he likes the title; the first line of the article read “Please don’t call me nice”). But it wasn’t his rejection of being nice that caught my eye, it was his […]

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Are You Stuck in the Doing?

Yesterday I had three separate conversations which really got me thinking about how leadership shows up in our choices. In the first, I found myself discussing the speed of our lifts – apparently they are too slow and people are getting frustrated having to wait around for them. In the second a colleague told me […]

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Are You in Need of a Light Bulb Moment?

How are those resolutions for the year going? Research suggests that by now, 4 out of 5 will have fallen by the wayside.  In my January post,  I encouraged us to ‘keep on keeping on’ in order to stop us from becoming one of the 80%. But why do so many fail?  My belief is […]

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Keep On Keeping On

In every culture, New Year signifies a new start. Janus, the Roman god after whom January is named, is usually depicted with two heads – one looking back to the year departed, and one looking forward to the year ahead. Likewise for us, January is traditionally the time we reflect on the successes and failures […]

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Are you Losing Your Marbles?

In Leadership Plain and Simple, Steve refers to Lao Tzu who wrote “Consciousness or awareness is the source of your ability.” Martin Carter has found a really creative way of staying aware each day.   When my eldest son, Nathan, turned one, I scoured the local toy shops until I had acquired 884 marbles, this […]

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Tell more stories. Here’s why.

In this post Martin Carter, currently head of Eon’s Engineering Academy at Eon and previously their head of Engineering Governance talks about the impact that comes when a leader tells the right story at the right time. Anni’s email at the beginning of August asked if anyone had a good story to tell got me […]

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