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Inspiration for, from and about great leaders. These articles will pick you up and motivate you, encourage you to think about what your goals are and show you what can be achieved by a team with a great leader.

What the heck is a leadership manifesto?

In our new and inspirational post series, here is a great post from Martin Carter a regular contributor of posts to the FED site. In this post Martin writes about what leadership means to him, his own ‘Leadership Manifesto’; we’d love to hear from you with what leadership means to you, your own Leadership Manifesto. […]

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Crossing the bridge

We all on occasions face unnerving situations – those moments when we feel ourselves to be on the edge of our comfort zone when, for example, we need to speak up, take a difficult decision or take what feels like a big risk. It isn’t easy. In FED terms this is where you need courage […]

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Best Wishes for a bumper 2012

I hope you start the year recharged after a good break. I always use the start of a year to pause and think a little about how I’d like to grow this year. It might seem a bit odd but I find it is very powerful to do this by reflecting on what a nurse, […]

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More about Jim

After my post at the end of last month several people left me messages about Jim. They recognized him. And one real life Jim even wondered if it was him. It wasn’t. What I take from this is that we meet thousands of managers and leaders who, despite their best intentions and despite following well […]

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Are you seeing the world through soft eyes?

In last week’s post I talked about the experience of working alongside blind adventurer Miles Hilton-Barber and being inspired by his message about connecting with our dreams and goals rather than being held back by our circumstances. Perhaps surprisingly it was not Miles’s insights or indeed his incredible adventures that made the most impression on […]

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