Do you have an Ivan in your life?


I am so so thrilled for Andy Murray at last winning Wimbledon – tears were shed by a few in the Radcliffe household! And I was really chuffed that his coach, Ivan Lendl, got lots of mentions for the difference he has made to Andy’s performance.

In a FED nutshell, it sounds as though he’s done a great job helping Andy spend more time Being At his Best. I remember many times in the past seeing Andy ranting at this miss or that umpire call, that is, triggered into his Survival Mode and grumbling with a strong feeling of ‘this shouldn’t be’. It sounds as though Lendl doesn’t tolerate too much of that but encourages his man to accept what is and get on with the next point.

Do you have someone who simllarly gets you out of your triggered state, who helps you face life and make the most of it? If you want to make the full difference you can, you can’t do it alone. Like Murray, you need your Support Team who keep you on track. How many Ivan’s do you have??


Deborah Gogarty
8 July, 201311:08 am

My dog Alfie is my coach. I come home each day and he is always at his best – just happy to see me and play some football in the garden. If I could bottle that feeling I would take it everywhere with me.

Connie Hendry
8 July, 201312:52 pm

Most of us don’t have an on tap supply of professional experts that purely focus on making us be the best we can be. However, really knowing who we have around us that can enable us achieve our potential, objectives is priceless.

I think what Murray has is more than a support team, they challenge, advise and direct, thery are enablers. More crucially I think a lot of the success comes from the drive and determiniation to succeed, recognising and taking responsibility for actions and behaviours which have some times let Murray down in the past. Recently we have seen a shift in Murray and Lendl has been able to tap into the phsyche which has enabled him to step over the Good to Great line.

So to answer the question who is my Ivans’. i have lots of them, however, I’m probaly not using them to their full potential to enable me to achieve mine

Steve Holliday
8 July, 20132:01 pm

Great post Steve – I was down in Dover doing my channel relay qualifier swim this weekend and heard Ivan (who was a hero of mine) talking about Andy being responsible for showing up “on the day” – and that his job was to help Andy do that, by HIM showing up , as coach, at his best, on the days leading up to it – then it was Andy’s job – great partnership I thought.


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