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Recognising modes – Operator Mode, Manager Mode, Leader Mode – being at your best and staying in touch with what you really care about. Modes – Future Engage Deliver (FED) principles for leadership development.

Do you have an Ivan in your life?

I am so so thrilled for Andy Murray at last winning Wimbledon – tears were shed by a few in the Radcliffe household! And I was really chuffed that his coach, Ivan Lendl, got lots of mentions for the difference he has made to Andy’s performance. In a FED nutshell, it sounds as though he’s […]

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Flexing your Modes…..

This week we are sharing with you a link to a great article spotted by one of the SRA team on ‘modes not personality’ by Daniel Goleman author of ‘Emotional Intelligence’. For those of you familiar with Future Engage Deliver you will know that one of the key lenses through which we help leaders explore […]

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Leadership research that made me smile

I don’t often have a laugh when I’m reading about leadership. But I did smile when I read this paper about leadership that works in the Royal Navy Leadership_lessons_from_the_Royal_Navy Andrew St George has been writing the Royal Navy Way of Leadership and one of his findings is that a key aspect of leadership in the […]

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Who are you choosing to be?

A key insight for me from Future Engage Deliver has been that of choice, in particular choosing between the Playing to Win mindset and Playing to Avoid Losing mindset – never more so than during periods of change and uncertainty. For me making the decision to embrace change and welcome new opportunity was my moment […]

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