Are you ever Thrilled and Frustrated at the same time?

This describes how I’m feeling at the moment about FED and the progress we are making in helping many more people grow as leaders and make a bigger difference somewhere in their lives.

On the one hand, we are thrilled with the consistent feedback we get about FED and how it’s really helping people in all walks of life to step forward and be much more who they want to be. And at the same time, we are frustrated that we are not reaching lots lots more people with our messages.

So we are going to up our game at getting FED messages out more widely. One aspect of this is the updating of our websites at and so that they are much clearer to newcomers about who we are and what we offer. Please have a look at them and steer other people to them.

At the same time we are going to move from our leadership nudges coming out weekly to every so often. So you’ll still get a nudge now and again but not every week. And as ever, we’d really like it if you wanted to write a nudge. Anni Townend at is still around to help you craft your story. As well as the occasional nudge, we want to create more substantial articles, videos or podcasts that you could pass on to help introduce new people to FED.

There’s already good momentum. Just in the last week, we’ve heard from some people who have handed copies of the book to their bosses and HR partners to help get FED into their organisations; we’ve heard from others who are spreading the word by working through the book with their team; and from others who don’t know us but have been recommended to come and talk to us. Our nudge this week is to ask you what could you do to join us in helping more people know about the magic of FED?

Many thanks for your support.

Best wishes, Steve

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