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Is it useful to be scary?

I have a couple of clients who have both admitted recently that they have a reputation for being ‘scary’. Scary Dave is one of these. He has extraordinary focus, he says it as it is and he isn’t afraid of upsetting people – and all of these qualities help him to drive through obstacles and […]

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Leadership research that made me smile

I don’t often have a laugh when I’m reading about leadership. But I did smile when I read this paper about leadership that works in the Royal Navy Leadership_lessons_from_the_Royal_Navy Andrew St George has been writing the Royal Navy Way of Leadership and one of his findings is that a key aspect of leadership in the […]

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Are you Choosing Jaw-Jaw Over War-War?

I recently read an interview with Michael Palin – he of Monty Python and intrepid global journeys, and, apparently, “Britain’s Nicest Man” (not that he likes the title; the first line of the article read “Please don’t call me nice”). But it wasn’t his rejection of being nice that caught my eye, it was his […]

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