Wigan, Whelan, TED and FED!

A Fabulous Day at Wembley!

This week, an update and a nudge.

What a week of strong high and low emotional energy. It started with serious upset!

I was thrilled to be giving my first TED Talk last Sunday in Durham; it was going to be the best ever opportunity to get the FED messages out globally via the video of the talk on the TED website. Just as I was being introduced, I saw the video lad sitting on his chair and asked him if all was ok. He said ‘the video is not working’. The whole reason for being there had just died. I was completely thrown and shot into the top left box of Just Surviving, angry and upset! An immediate trip to the pub was needed.

Go forward one week and I’m at Wembley on Saturday seeing my football team of 50+ years win the FA Cup – to all non-football followers, let’s just say that this is an extremely big deal, particularly for a small town club like Wigan. It was thrilling, moving and joyful. What an incredible contrast.

The FED piece in all this that I’ll point to is the role of Dave Whelan, the owner of Wigan Athletic. Many years ago, he thought very big about the Future and believed that a small football club could join the elite. What I’d most point to is how much the current reality at the time offered no evidence whatsoever that this might be possible. That is, it’s much more important in life to connect with the Future we want rather than being limited by what seems possible from today.

If you could put aside for a short while what seems ‘reasonable’ from today’s perspective, what would you most like to see in the Future? What would you most like to make happen?


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  1. Sue 17 May, 2013 at 7:57 am #

    I was thinking the same thing this morning about Morrisons when I heard they were going into business with Ocado. I wonder if Ken Morrison ever dreamed his shops would be part if the “big 4”?
    I’ll be dipping into Leadership Plain and Simple this weekend in preparation for a team meeting on Monday when our small management will be looking at how to position ourselves and our staff to tackle emerging challenges. When my boss asked me how I thought we should structure the day I replied, without hesitation, “by using F-E-D. We look at where want to be, the scope of our responsibilities and the skills of the whole team then we engage everyone so we can deliver”. Sounds so simple!

  2. Sue 17 May, 2013 at 8:00 am #

    P.S. I’m sorry your team got relegated! At least they put the Ancient and Loyal Borough on the map for a while.

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