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What the heck is a leadership manifesto?

In our new and inspirational post series, here is a great post from Martin Carter a regular contributor of posts to the FED site. In this post Martin writes about what leadership means to him, his own ‘Leadership Manifesto’; we’d love to hear from you with what leadership means to you, your own Leadership Manifesto. […]

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What is the whole you are leading for?

One of the most powerful questions in FED that gets me thinking bigger is: “What is the whole that you are leading for?” It’s a question that can take already successful leaders to a bigger place or context for their leadership. Sometimes it has leaders thinking about their legacy, what they want to be known […]

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How big is your thinking?

“For me, the big heads symbolize children: new, uncorrupted, their heads full of endless possibility open to whatever comes their way. It is only as we grow older that we become narrow and closed. Let’s keep our heads as big as possible.” – Mackenzie Thorpe When I started my current job equipped with “Future Engage […]

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Are You in Need of a Light Bulb Moment?

How are those resolutions for the year going? Research suggests that by now, 4 out of 5 will have fallen by the wayside.  In my January post,  I encouraged us to ‘keep on keeping on’ in order to stop us from becoming one of the 80%. But why do so many fail?  My belief is […]

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I am a blogging virgin!

I am a blogging virgin. I’ve never blogged and have never tweeted before. I’m not even on Facebook, so when asked to write a leadership blog I didn’t know where to start. My Google search advised me to write about what I know. So instead of giving you my week’s schedule, varied and interesting though […]

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What are you leading for?

It sounds like an easy question to answer. But the reality is that finding the right time to consider how I show up at work and the impact that is felt by others when I am at my best and playing to win is more challenging than I first thought. Making time for – let […]

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What does it take to make a conscious choice?

In this post, regular FED contributor Steve Holliday writes about making conscious choices. One of the key underlying principles of the Future Engage Deliver approach to Leadership is that of conscious leadership, of being truly aware and awake to the choices that we are making.  What does it take to make a conscious choice? I […]

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