You are never too young to lead for change!

Sue's daughters who love the new outdoor space.

Sue's daughters who love the new outdoor space.

A project initiated by a group of twenty year old students as part of their University course on Creative Engagement at my children’s school has got me thinking about how anyone, whatever their age, can lead for change and make a bigger difference. The focus of the project is on making change happen and what has really impressed me is that not only are these young people making change happen they have also enrolled parents and children in making this change happen. They have engaged us in what they are up to, in their vision of creating a space in which children can fully engage in a range of activities including outdoor blackboards and desks, and raised planting beds and other areas in which the children can have fun.

Their vision of creating this engaging space which brings what usually happens inside of the classroom outside has inspired us all, children, teachers and parents. So much so that when we were asked to help clear the ground, more than twenty two children and their parents turned up and did so in less than three hours. As a group we were happy to do whatever we were asked to do by the students. We very much wanted to succeed and be part of their success, just as they were – through their leadership – ensuring our success for now and for the future. In addition, as parents we got to know each other better, and our children got to see their parents all working together and to experience being part of a community making change happen. Throughout, the students encouraged and helped us overcome obstacles. They led, inspired, engaged and made big requests of us – all at the tender age of twenty.

Leadership reflection and nudge: What are you leading for in your life inside and outside of work? Where in your life would you like to make a bigger difference? What is the contribution that you want to make?

By Sue Cosens

Sue has worked in various challenging roles in marketing, advertising and sales. She has now fully embarked on her most challenging role yet – that of bringing up her two daughters in a very competitive world.

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