When are you extraordinary?

Ian Lock

Ian Lock

Human beings are fantastic. I’m constantly reminded of this especially when I’m talking with people who are ‘up to something’ big. These people are aware that they need to draw on something special to pull it off. For many of us being at our best or the best we can imagine is enough to get us to the future we want. For those that are up to something big and transformative being at their best may not be enough – they have to be extraordinary.

So what does being extraordinary look and feel like? It starts with who you are being. It’s not about doing extraordinary things, that will come anyway, it’s about being an extraordinary leader. It is about paying close attention to your sense of future and purpose, it is about constantly managing the energy around you, it is about helping yourself and others to imagine and hold possibilities that were previously unimaginable, it is about paying attention to your leadership in everything that you are doing and bringing focus and clarity to the people around you. History is full of people who have pulled off the impossible and in some way they have all been extraordinary.

So think of you at your best as a leader and use this as your baseline and then think way beyond this to your being extraordinary. Imagine what being even bigger, better and bolder as a leader will look like for you. Pick one part of what you are up to today and choose to go and be extraordinary and see what happens.

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