Olympic Mums, the John Lewis Snowman and FED!

Steve Radcliffe PortraitHI, I’m just back from helping run the excellent annual Marketing Society Leadership Programme. It’s a wonderful mix of talks from top marketeers from the likes of Unilever, Procter and Gamble, Google, John Lewis etc interwoven with a healthy dose of FED, as we try to bring alive both the doing and being of great marketing leadership.

It’s fascinating hearing the inside stories of the P&G Olympics campaign, the John Lewis snowman ad and so on. And it’s been inspiring to hear how activities like these were lead. These top marketeers are great examples of FED in action. They are all up to something; they’re not held back by limiting beliefs; they work tirelessly at engaging other parts of their organisation; interestingly, because they really go for it, they’ve all had serious failures but they see this as part of the journey; and they all have Support Teams that help them bounce back.

One speaker who didn’t know of FED summarised his advice to success as
– know your purpose
– bring everyone with you, and
– it’s all about relationships.

Phrase it how you like and do all you can to be up to something that brings you alive!

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