Mike Eales

Mike is an experienced individual and team coach, facilitator and OD consultant. He has over 30 years experience in Leadership Coaching, and Board and Executive Team Development. 

He has specialised in bringing leadership development and culture change to complex organisations. He has also trained many professional coaches, directing five Post Graduate Diplomas in Facilitation, Coaching and Mentoring and Change Management.

Core to Mike’s coaching is building a trusting relationship which leads to honest discussion, setting clear goals, using a clear method, encouraging immediate practice, and finding ways to measure success. This includes looking at how you limit yourself, your impact on others and how to be at your best more of the time. Mike believes you already have all the fundamental Leadership Muscles, and you can grow each of them with practice. 

Crucial to the success of Mike’s coaching is that it is always co-invented with his clients feeling empowered, and getting the right combination of support and challenge.  Important to the coaching relationship is the energy and commitment that clients bring to it. And in all of this Mike will draw on his long experience and training as a coach, and his enduring commitment to your success.

Contact your SRA coach now. Email Mike at mike@globalresonance.com