Kate Barker

Kate is a leadership coach and consultant who has previously held senior leadership and director level roles in several high-profile organisations.

My passion is helping leaders to connect with what makes them come alive so they can make a bigger difference in all areas of their life. I bring lots of energy and an unwavering commitment to helping people live and lead more intentionally. My goal is to support you to break through the barriers and limiting beliefs that might be keeping you ‘accepting smaller’ so that you can unlock your full potential and commit to ‘living bigger’.

I’m currently undertaking a MSc in Executive Coaching & Behaviour Change with Henley Business School. I’m also a certified Health Coach and have completed a course in the Science of Wellbeing with Yale University.

I believe businesses and organisations can become a greater force for good in the world if we put purpose and wellbeing at the heart of leadership. I can’t wait to work with you!