Jo Guz

Jo is an experienced leadership coach and organisational development consultant who helps people bring their most powerful leadership to the pressures they face and the future they’re looking to create.  

One of the best reviews Jo’s had for her work is that she’s a magical facilitator of change.  She facilitates the sort of leadership conversations that create the space for the lights to come on – a space where leaders can step in to and embody their best selves, connect more authentically with those around them, and begin to show up more fully to get more of the results that matter to them.  

Jo is a firm believer in the transformative power of conversation.  Through her coaching with individuals and teams, she help leaders create a culture of collaboration and creativity around them, one where honest conversations are had more simply inside bigger, more robust relationships.  And one where an inspiring platform is created that helps people around them go beyond their limits to achieve more at their best, with less friction and stress.