How do you know how you are doing as a leader?

Ian Lock

Ian Lock

We can often spend time thinking about our leadership and how we are doing as leaders against our aspirations. I notice that I can spend time focusing on how I’m doing as a leader and be asking myself how I showed up today, where I was behaving at my best and where I was not up to scratch. This is always valuable reflection but is often only half the picture. The other half is noticing my impact on others. My role has me almost exclusively work with others either in groups or in 1 -1 scenarios. This gives me a great opportunity to see how my leadership is showing up in the behaviours and actions of others. If the people I am working with are growing and developing, if they are taking more risks, if they are finding new perspectives, if they are engaging with their futures positively, if they are stepping into their best selves more often, if over time they are reaching their futures – then I am doing well as a leader. If they are not then it is also very obvious and I am not having the impact that I aspire to.

How are your people doing at the moment?

Where are they great and where are they not?

How is your leadership contributing to this?

By Ian Lock

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