Emily Court

Emily brings a combination of compassion and challenge to help leaders and teams look beyond what they first thought possible in their leadership and their working relationships.

She uses the Future Engage Deliver approach as a philosophy to help leaders have the right conversations to move them to the next phase or step in their leadership.

Firstly, helping them define what that new future looks like, how they build effective relationships to support them in that future and then how to make a bigger impact and a bigger difference as they achieve that future.

Emily had a 15 year career in the pharmaceutical industry where she supported the delivery of global expansion programmes, corporate merger projects, leadership team integration and implemented major behavioural and structural change initiatives.

She also has a Masters in Organisational Change from Ashridge Business School and in her coaching blends ‘‘hand-on’ business change experience with a robust understanding of the latest principles and research in organisational psychology.

Contact your SRA coach now. Email Emily at emily@emilydayconsulting.com