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Future Engage Deliver is all about Leadership Development. In this category you will find articles that will help you to develop as a leader by showing examples of FED in action.

Are you Choosing Jaw-Jaw Over War-War?

I recently read an interview with Michael Palin – he of Monty Python and intrepid global journeys, and, apparently, “Britain’s Nicest Man” (not that he likes the title; the first line of the article read “Please don’t call me nice”). But it wasn’t his rejection of being nice that caught my eye, it was his […]

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How can you rise above the context?

Over the past few months I have been working with Kate – a leader within a hierarchical organisation. She was questioning how to bring her vision of the future, and the difference she wants to make through her leadership, where she is often faced with policy decisions made above her level. She felt excited about […]

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How big is your thinking?

“For me, the big heads symbolize children: new, uncorrupted, their heads full of endless possibility open to whatever comes their way. It is only as we grow older that we become narrow and closed. Let’s keep our heads as big as possible.” – Mackenzie Thorpe When I started my current job equipped with “Future Engage […]

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