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Flexing your Modes…..

This week we are sharing with you a link to a great article spotted by one of the SRA team on ‘modes not personality’ by Daniel Goleman author of ‘Emotional Intelligence’. For those of you familiar with Future Engage Deliver you will know that one of the key lenses through which we help leaders explore […]

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How switched on are you?

As weekly subscribers know I am editor of FED posts and this week rather than editing a post I have written one whilst away on holiday. And it was being on holiday that had me think about how we manage our energies, and in particular how we stay switched on to wherever we are. Years […]

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Are you playing to win?

I have recently joined a new club of people who love The West Wing. The TV political drama series set in The White House charting the daily lives of a group of advisors to the President played by Martin Sheen. I have come to this series rather late in the form of a boxed set […]

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What’s keeping you going?

What’s keeping me going at the moment is my vision of what it will be like to sit in our new conservatory on a winter morning sipping my coffee and looking out over the South Downs. The context here is that the house is in total chaos. As well as the conservatory being built, all […]

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