Mike Eales

Mike Eales has 30 years experience as a facilitator, coach and business consultant. He specialises in bringing learning and development to large and complex organisation. In the early eighties I trained with the master of facilitation John Heron and became a core member of the then called Human Potential Research Project at the University of Surrey. We were pioneers then, and I have retained that pioneering spirit in my belief that all organisations can become extraordinary, and a force for good for those who work within them and for those they serve. I also write for film and television, co-writing with Anna Campion. Most recently I co-wrote and acted in the film 'Inertia' which opened at the London Raindance Film Festival, and ‘Bipolar’ which premiered in 2006 at the Edinburgh Film Festival. I am currently working with Anna on a film adaptation of Hallucinating Foucault by Patricia Duncker.

How can you rise above the context?

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How can you use FED to improve the smaller tasks of leadership?

I recently had a breakthrough in how I can use Future-Engage-Deliver. So far I have used Future-Engage-Deliver to…


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