Lucy Kidd

Lucy Kidd is a Business Psychologist with over 10 years experience working with senior leaders and teams. She is a powerful coach and change agent and brings practical organisational experience from Unilever to Future-Engage-Deliver within the SRA team. I enjoy working with people who want to make significant change in their lives and in my work I help leaders and teams to bring energy, focus and commitment to the futures that they feel most excited about. In exploring these futures I help people build a powerful connection between their own passions, talents and values and what the business is asking from them. This helps people to engage in their work with more meaning, purpose and fulfillment. In all of my F-E-D consultancy work, be it in working with individuals or groups, I encourage people to surface the ‘unspoken conversations’ that can get in the way of even their best intentions. By helping people to have straighter and more honest conversations it typically frees up energy, creates space for bigger relationships and provides the foundation for much improved delivery. At home, I’m kept on my toes by my two young sons who have a never ending zest and curiosity for life – they teach me a lot in my quest to raise them as happy and confident boys.

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