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When are you extraordinary?

Human beings are fantastic. I’m constantly reminded of this especially when I’m talking with people who are ‘up to something’ big. These people are aware that they need to draw on something special to pull it off. For many of us being at our best or the best we can imagine is enough to get […]

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What are you making it mean?

In the world of leadership meaning is everything. One of the questions I often ask clients is: ‘What are you making it mean?’ ‘It’ being anything from something someone says, their tone of voice, the way they are looking at us to news of a set back or even news of a success. I first […]

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How committed are you to others’ success?

I really liked Anni’s recent note on the power of committing to another’s success. Here’s my take on this topic. Without the commitment of George – a leadership consultant with whom I worked for several years – my success today may have been very different. About twelve years ago, and after much soul searching, I […]

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