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Are you making truly conscious choices?

Part 2 in  a series of posts by Tamsin Rycroft inspired by FED questions that have her stop and think bigger… Not always…but I’m trying and learning as I go along. Turning 30 earlier this month has really made me think about what I want to achieve and the difference I want to make and […]

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FED questions that get me thinking big

A few weeks ago Tamsin got in touch with us to tell us how much she enjoys and is inspired by the FED posts. Thank you Tamsin! We invited her to share with us what she loves about the posts and to write her own, this is the first post in a series from Tamsin […]

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How to make Mission Impossible possible.

In this post Alan Humphries, one of the SRA leadership consultants writes about how a positive Playing to Win mindset of someone else made what had seemed impossible possible.  Last year to celebrate a particularly “big” birthday I booked my ski-ing holiday of a lifetime and set off with my son to North America. We […]

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I am a blogging virgin!

I am a blogging virgin. I’ve never blogged and have never tweeted before. I’m not even on Facebook, so when asked to write a leadership blog I didn’t know where to start. My Google search advised me to write about what I know. So instead of giving you my week’s schedule, varied and interesting though […]

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Could you play in the garden more??

In this post Alan Humphries highlights the importance of engaging in and enjoying an activity which in the past he grudgingly complied with. In my boyhood, weekends were characterised by two things. Firstly, playing sport at school on Saturday mornings and second by my father climbing into his blue boiler suit and then working constantly […]

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Have you got the energy mix right?

I was reminiscing with my sister the other evening about memorable experiences in our lives. Irene trained as a nurse in one of the major London teaching hospitals. She was assigned to each of the various major departments i.e. A&E, gynaecology, paediatrics etc.  On arrival she would usually find lengthy waiting lines full of morose […]

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You are never too young to lead for change!

A project initiated by a group of twenty year old students as part of their University course on Creative Engagement at my children’s school has got me thinking about how anyone, whatever their age, can lead for change and make a bigger difference. The focus of the project is on making change happen and what […]

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What are you leading for?

Wilf is a site postman. He delivers the mail to all departments every morning on a large HQ and manufacturing site. And he does so with a smile and a greeting that cheers everyone up – every morning without exception. At a recent company dinner – to the delight of everyone – Wilf received the […]

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What’s shaping your world?

One of the concepts I struggled with when I started consulting was that of context.  I sort of understood it but wondered why it was so important. Help came when I recognised that it’s all about what shapes our mindset and behaviour. Let me explain. Take the case of a Brand Manager who, like me, […]

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