Are you more of a Richard or a Pete?

We FEDers talk and think a lot about energy. We talk about the energy leaders bring and the way they bring it. We also wonder about those people who have the extraordinary ability to light up a room and those who, in contrast, unintentionally manage to drain the people around them.

Exactly how this happens is a bit of a mystery but let me present you with the characteristics of two leaders who reflect the two ends of this spectrum.

On the one hand there’s Richard, a leader who is acutely interested in his own development and his impact on others. When I met Richard the first time he was immediately open and informal and as I started to work with him I noted that he was able to reflect, ask questions and enjoy himself. His attentiveness and quick mind was also stimulating. The energy was light and his engagement helped me to bring my best to the coaching.

On the other hand take Pete, a departmental head who immediately wanted my CV, wanted to talk about the coaching process and whose main interest was to elicit evidence that I was worth hiring. The energy here was very controlling and was further dampened by Pete’s guardedness. With Pete there was no welcome and no sense of invitation. He didn’t make it easy to be around him and I certainly didn’t get the sense that this was an enjoyable process for him.

Not everyone brings energy in the same way of course so for the next week or two notice what energy you and others bring. And whether at home or at work practise bringing more of the good stuff … you know, that energy that makes other people feel good and want to spend time with you.

Anthony Landale

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