About Nigel Doran

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Nigel is a former global Vice President for one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. During a successful career spanning more than 20 years, he has led global brands, deal making, and global marketing functions, leading large, multi-disciplinary, cross cultural teams. Nigel is now committing his passion for leadership to his client work as a coach and mentor.

I firmly believe that strategy and leadership are the two things that underpin great organisations, and both are about choices. Strategy defines the choices you make to win in the market place; leadership defines the choices that make you the leader you want to be. Leadership is not about titles and status, but who you are being. Leaders don’t judge their people through sound bites, but support and develop them through big relationships; they look deeper, really care, and build environments where people trust each other – budgets and processes are not the barrier to great leadership, behaviour is.

The major constant across my business career has been change, from a mega merger to numerous global reorganisations. My sharpest learning about such change is that people must be the main event, with process very much the support act. Leaders need to connect their people, honestly, to the purpose of change, and engage authentically with their needs, fears and uncertainties. It was during a period of intense business change that I first became a client of Steve Radcliffe Associates (SRA). I saw first hand the value of the Future, Engage, Deliver to better understand how to consciously manage our energies and how important it is to showing up at our best more of the time – being at our best, is especially challenged during times of change. I am really excited and energised about bringing that same value to my SRA clients.

With my terrific son and daughter just beginning their work journey, in the very different spaces of academia and marketing, I have a deep motivation to grow leaders to make the world of work a better place. I learn from them and their super mum, daily, and always get very clear feedback on the leader I am being – when it comes to my passion for football, they regularly point out the need for more balance!

Nigel can be contacted by telephone on 07808 141251, or via e mail on nm.doran@gmail.com