About Fiona Moore

Pretty much everything that Fiona does is about developing people; enabling and energising them to find their magic. I’ve spent most of my career working in the leadership development arena and I love it! I realised early (through some exceptional experiences and some really terrible ones!) that how leaders think, act and model has a huge influence on, not just the success of the organisation, but the motivation, engagement & performance of their teams. My personal motivation is being a catalyst that enables leaders to uncover who they are at their best and how this can make the biggest difference by connecting what they care about to the leadership and engagement of others. It’s a real privilege to be part of the SRA team – having used the FED approach for years in coaching and development of individuals, teams, organisations and systems. I have worked in large organisations and experienced the impact of powerful leadership development and coaching, I now spend a lot of my time working with leaders in the public sector – health and education. I’m particularly interested in applying FED across schools and the impact of great leadership at all levels on the expectations and opportunities it creates for both teachers and our children. Being a parent myself, I know how important and challenging this is. I continually work on my best self with my teenage children and get regular and frank feedback about my performance! I am passionate about good health and practice and teach yoga. My Aussie husband is the top member of my support team (and stereotypically brilliant BBQer too)

Fiona Can be contacted on fiona.moore@inoji.co.uk or 07736 631637