About Emily Day

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Emily Day is a leadership and organisational change consultant with over ten years experience working with senior leaders within global and local organisations.

I believe that key to successful leadership is the ability to focus on who you are being rather than what you are doing.  In my work with teams and individuals, I help them to get in touch with the leader they want to be and how they can bring more of their best selves to their work and life.

My view is that one of the biggest challenges for organisations today is to deliver against a defined strategy and future, yet remain open and agile enough to respond to rapidly changing environments and consumer, customer and employee expectations.

This is where I see FED making the real difference. The strength and power of the relationships that develop through the FED approach give leaders and their teams the confidence to create and explore opportunities together and deliver real results within this context.

On a personal level, having been raised in a pub within a close-knit community, I have always believed in the importance of relationships and community to our emotional well-being and our sense of purpose. Growing communities of leaders is something I really care about, how we can work and live together to create better futures for ourselves, for others and for the organisations we are a part of.

Emily can be contacted via e mail on: emily@emilydayconsulting.com