The world is divided into those who are right


How many times have you found yourself caught in meetings or debates where it all comes down to people trying to prove that they are right? It is always important of course to examine your options but when your energy is spent trying to win the argument and convince others that your way is the right way then in leadership terms you have already lost!

Helen liked to be right about everything. She had strong opinions and bags of experience but it was clear that she struggled to take people with her – to engage. From a FED perspective it’s easy to see why. Being a leader means you have to be thinking about your team, giving them opportunities to shine and help them grow their skills and confidence. It requires good listening, the ability to encourage and have people feel valued. Helen, unfortunately, left people feeling that there wasn’t much point in bringing their ideas. She only wanted obedience and at best that’s what she got. At worst she had people not wanting to work with her at all.

Leadership nudge: how valued and encouraged do the people you work with feel? What are the signals that they are growing and developing because of your leadership?

By Anthony Landale

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