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Leadership Plain and Simple is the UK’s number one leadership book. For over 3 years now, it’s been the number one book in the over 80,000 offered in a search for ‘leadership’ on Amazon UK. It has also received there 150 5-Star Reviews, more than for any other business book on Amazon, ever! There is also a Czech version available and a Chinese and Japanese editions are in the works.

The second edition of the book is now available in hard copy and electronic forms and it includes live stories of FED in action and a new chapter on FED and Organisations.

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5-star-amazon-review2Ah, common sense at last

As an Organisational Development Manager, I’ve been reading books on leadership for a wee while . . . This book has been the first book that makes it simple – and useful – and actionable – and achievable. Ah, hurrah! It gets to the nub of the issues and focuses on the most important things – and how to easily start doing them and getting results . . . Thank you!

Bob, London, Apr 2012

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