Best wishes for a hearty Xmas break

All in the FED team would like to send you all the very best for a great Xmas break. We will be celebrating another excellent year helping more people make more of the difference they want to make at work and at home.

I think what thrills us the most is seeing FED connecting to people in so many walks of life. This year, we’ve done some great work with people in business, government, charities, education, medicine, sport, the arts and on and on. And we’re taking FED wider and wider with the team working in countries galore from Brazil to Singapore.Leadership-plain-and-simple-3d-175px

And the book continues to storm along. It’s in the fourth year now of being the number one book in the 80,000+ offered by Amazon in a search for ‘leadership’. Typical of its reviews is the one below from Dom Grounsell, Sales & Marketing Director, MORE TH>N.

So who are you sending a copy to for their Xmas gift?? They’ll love you for it! Buy/find out more here.


Dominic Grounsell
Sales & Marketing Director, MORE TH>N

“The best business book I own is Leadership Plain & Simple by Steve Radcliffe. I’ve had a copy for a number of years now and it has been transformational for me.

As the title suggests, the book breaks down the concept of leadership in a succinct and accessible way. There’s none of the usual psycho-babble or management speak; just a clear articulation of what leadership is and how leaders should operate in business. In addition to providing clarity to the perennially muddy notion of leadership, the books also contains a host of useful EQ based exercises that are breathtakingly simple and yet incredibly powerful. These help you develop your self-awareness and self-management skills, which underpin your ability to lead effectively.

I recommend this book to everyone I speak to, but I think it has particular application for marketers. The book talks extensively about the need for leaders to set a compelling vision and engage their businesses to come with them on the journey. This is at the heart of what marketers need to do every day, as we’re the function most called upon to set the course and move things forward. This is especially true today as marketing is very much at the vanguard of the exciting new developments in data and technology. In order for us to succeed as individuals and as businesses in this increasingly dynamic, complex environment, marketers need to grow beyond their functional boundaries and lead effectively right the way across the business.”



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