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Does your belief help other people to shine?

How often do we examine what we believe? When it comes to developing other people as leaders it’s crucial. Let me tell you about Elina. She’s a director who is forever putting people into situations where they are fully stretched – situations which might be perceived as high risk but which Elina is absolutely clear […]

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Crossing the bridge

We all on occasions face unnerving situations – those moments when we feel ourselves to be on the edge of our comfort zone when, for example, we need to speak up, take a difficult decision or take what feels like a big risk. It isn’t easy. In FED terms this is where you need courage […]

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What lens are you looking through?

I was reflecting on a walk that I went on this time last year in the Yorkshire Dales. It was a glorious Spring day and I was feeling very peaceful. And then this young, inconsiderate lad on a very loud motorbike drove by, careless of the disturbance he was making and intent, it seemed to […]

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Re-designing an old relationship

We’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very festive time, a time of celebration and of replenishing your energies. This is our last post of the year and in it Anthony Landale invites us to reflect on our relationships and to look at one in particular which might need updating and […]

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Is there an antidote to exhaustion?

Do you sometimes notice colleagues and friends who appear to have lost their zest for work and life? They are working hard but not getting any satisfaction from their endeavours. What’s going on? There’s a writer called David Whyte who considers this issue in a great book called The Heart Aroused. He tells the story […]

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More about Jim

After my post at the end of last month several people left me messages about Jim. They recognized him. And one real life Jim even wondered if it was him. It wasn’t. What I take from this is that we meet thousands of managers and leaders who, despite their best intentions and despite following well […]

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Finding the missing spark!

I was speaking to a newly appointed manager, Jim, last week. He has a team of 16 people and he had begun to have those first conversations with them about objectives, performance and so on. There was little spark in these initial meetings and no sense that people were preparing differently with Jim than with […]

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Does it matter how you get results?

I was working with a manager recently who told me that her boss was brutal. The style of this boss was one of being intimidating and his reputation was as someone ‘not to be messed with’. This boss has a very senior position in a large organisation and that organisation is currently doing pretty well. […]

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